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The CosmoLabo facility is a cutting-edge multi-omics laboratory that offers a comprehensive range of services for scientists and academics. The facility is equipped with the high throughput sequencing instruments for both short read (Illumina Miseq, NextSeq 1000) and long read (MinION, Oxford Nanopore) sequencing technology, and the scientists are highly skilled and trained and experienced in multiomics data analysis. In addition, the facility offers a variety of bioinformatic data analysis services for genomics, microbial genomics, transcriptomics, 16S rRNA/ITS metagenomics, shotgun metagenomics, and variant calling. We will also offer additional big data services, which include machine learning algorithms.

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Our microbiology laboratory is a certified L2 facility, equipped with the latest instruments that you need to do for strain identification and species confirmation. We have a variety of selective media to grow the bacteria from different sample sources. We also have an incubator and chamber where you can replicate bacterial cells under controlled conditions.

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Molecular Biology

Our molecular biology laboratory is equipped with all the modernised equipment you need for your molecular biology techniques. We have sequencing instruments, thermal cycler, automated liquid handlers, qubit, bio analyser automated nucleic acid extraction system, -80 freezers, centrifuges, water baths and heating blocks.

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Our biochemistry laboratory has all the latest equipments you need for your experiments. We have Agilent Technologies 6140 Quadrupole LC/MS Mass Spectrometer with G1978B Multimode Ion Source is a high-performance, fast-scanning model designed for high-throughput laboratories.

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At cosmolabo, we are proud to be a division of a Cosmogroup. We specialize in multiomics and sportomics services to our clients. Our unique approach integrates next-generation sequencing data from different applications, such as genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and metabolomics. This multiomics analysis approach provides a powerful perspective to biomarker discovery across multiple levels of biology that can be applied to a wide range of scientific questions. We are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients, and we are always striving to innovate and improve our offerings.

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Sportomics & Multiomics

Cosmolabo is a leading provider of multiomics services and solutions. We offer microbial genome sequencing, microbiomics, targeted gene sequencing, nucleic acid isolation, metabolomics, bioinformatics services and scientific support on metagenomics projects.

Our state of the art laboratory in Belgium is equipped with cutting-edge sequencing platforms both short and long read sequencing technologies, Agilent Technologies 6140 Quadrupole LC/MS Mass Spectrometer and lab automation technologies. We are a trusted provider of Multiomics services and solutions for scientists worldwide.

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Equipped with advanced NGS platforms, state-of-the-art technologies, and coupled with specialized scientists, Cosmolabo delivers a broad array...


Cosmolabo is proud of offering and tailoring most types of transcriptomics services to meet the research objectives and budget of our clients.....


Cosmolabo is offering five platforms for genome-wide epigenomics analysis, each designed to accommodate a wide range of sample types and suit.....

Microbial Genomics

Until recently, the properties and compositions of the microbiota in the planet are still largely a black box. Next generation sequencing (NGS)......

Single-Cell Genomics

Cosmolabo proprietary GenSeqTM Technology provides comprehensive Single-Cell Sequencing services. These global gene expression patterns ......

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